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Hi everyone! My name is Sahith Reddy, the 16 year old founder of KALA, and I'm a rising high school junior from Texas who loves dance and music. I'm currently a dancer on a Bollywood dance team and I've performed many times whether it be for the Dallas Mavericks, as a backup dancer for concerts, or even choreographing my own pieces at home in my free time. I'm an incredibly passionate musician as I enjoy playing my guitar, composing/writing songs, or recording song covers on my phone. My passions for both dance and music are not only an integral part of who I am, but an outlet for my artistic expression. This meaning that I hold close to my heart is what prompted me to found, KALA. Without dance and music I don't know who I would be and it saddened me when I realized underprivileged  children across the globe don't even get the chance to explore who they truly are. My mission with KALA is to bring the beauty of art to children. Regardless of financial circumstances, unfortunate health conditions, family makeups, social status, or past, I truly believe that every child deserves the right to develop their individual creativity because art is therapy for the heart.



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